Distributor agreement with EC Power

October 2021

Combigas has entered into a distributor agreement with EC POWER, a Danish pioneer in sustainable and efficient CHP plants. Combigas has exclusive rights to market and distribute EC Power products to the biogas segment on the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish markets.

The CHP plants from EC Power are part of Combigas’ newly developed GreenFarm products, where 1-4 XRGI 15 can be integrated.

We look forward to working with EC Power.

GreenFarm, Norway

Demand for GreenFarm has been overwhelming since it was launched in Norway in November 2021.

We already have 8 signed contracts and there are more on the way. The great commitment is backed up by the expectation of increased support for smaller biogas plants from Innovasjon Norge in 2022, which may prove to be just the push needed to strengthen the utilization of biogas in the green transition of Norwegian agriculture.

GreenFarm plant in Norway

June 2022

The contractors have started casting the tanks for a new GreenFarm Carbon Capture plant in beautiful Molde, Norway.

The plant will be completed over the summer and is expected to be commissioned during the month of September.